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December 31, 2018 @ 12:00am

http://www.bungestire.com/sites/bungestire.com/assets/images/default/new-years.jpgWhile many of us will use the New Year to make resolutions to try and drop some weight, drink more water or improve our diet, rarely do we think about our cars as part of our plans. Here’s three things you can do this year to not only get more out of your vehicle, but to reduce your stress as well.

1. Stick to your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance. That little sticker in the upper left of your windshield isn’t just there for decoration. Keeping up with your oil changes and routine maintenance ensures that your engine runs smoothly and your car is prepared to take the bumps and jolts of wintry roads. As an added bonus, routine maintenance often catches small problems in systems like your exhaust and suspension before they become big problems that can leave you stranded on the side of the road. If you have any questions about routine maintenance, or if you want to know whether that coolant flush or new air filter is necessary, we’re always happy to walk you through the answers.

2. A clean car in the winter means no rust in the summer. When we get one of those unseasonably warm days this winter, commit to getting your car washed. In addition to the constant freezing and thawing covering the roads with moisture, salt and brine from those plow trucks makes for a corrosive combination. Even small chips in your car’s paint can become rust spots if you don’t wash away the salt. Avoid getting your car washed in freezing temperatures if possible as doors and locks can freeze. Seek out car washes that have a hand dry at the end, as this can keep your door jambs free of ice.

3. For your health, and your car’s, resolve to go easy on the pedals. The morning and evening commute can be a stressful time, and many of us inadvertently take that stress out on our cars, stomping the accelerator and riding the break. Not only is aggressive driving bad for you—nearly a third of all traffic accidents can be linked to road rage—it’s terrible for your car. Rapid acceleration wrecks fuel economy, and sudden braking is bad for your brakes and your engine. As hard as it can be to leave extra car lengths between yourself and the next driver, try to calm down on the road, if only for your car’s sake.

Keep to these three resolutions and you’ll find yourself spending less on maintenance and fuel, and that always makes for a happier you. Happy New Year, and drive safe!

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