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September 01, 2017 @ 12:00am

http://bungestire.com/sites/bungestire.com/assets/images/blog-folder/UsedVehicle.jpgSome people just can’t help themselves: They’ve got to customize their ride. And while most of the aftermarket products out there won’t do anything beyond putting a smile on your face, there are a few customizations where you need to be careful.

We’ve all been there: In a parking lot, or at home, and someone’s car alarm won’t stop going off. They’re loud, and plenty of research shows that car alarms are not effective at deterring thieves. Still, demand for aftermarket car alarms is hot.

If you decide to have an alarm installed, make sure to have the work done by a professional. Besides just being a pain on your ears, poorly installed alarms can lead to everything from ignition trouble to engine fires. Sure, there are plenty of DIY videos online, but with something as important as your car’s electronics, we recommend you trust the experts.

One type of driver that loves their accessories are truck drivers, everything from chrome gas caps to custom hitch covers. But even bigger than that, truck drivers seem to love having their trucks jacked up tall. While lift kits and bigger tires can make your truck look a whole lot bigger, they can also wreak havoc if not installed properly, or if they use cheap and incomplete parts.

That’s because the truck wasn’t designed to be up that high or push those great big tires, and bad kits don’t do anything to make sure your transfer case and axles stay in an ideal relationship. That can lead to ruined transfer case seals and worn bearings real quick, and can seriously damage your truck. If you want to have more clearance for your truck, make sure to do your research and find the right kit. Also, some kits can void your trucks warranty, so look for kits that offer a warranty of their own.

Finally, we see a lot of cars rolling around with big rims on the wheels. While it can make your car stand out in the crowd, big rims can be an absolute nightmare for performance. Not only does the smaller tire surface mean a much rougher ride for you and your passengers, it also makes your car perform poorly in wet and wintry conditions. But the place you’ll notice the most difference is in acceleration and fuel economy, which both suffer with those oversized rims.

We’re certainly not trying to tell you to avoid modifying your car; we’re encouraging you to go in with your eyes open and to make sure you do your research. And, always rely on a professional when a modification has anything to do with your cars major systems, like electronics or suspension.

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