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May 01, 2017 @ 12:00am

Inexpensive spring cleaning for your carWith spring flowers already popping and the weather heating up, you’re probably in spring cleaning mode, getting your family ready for the summer. Don’t forget to get your car ready, too. Here are a few tips for making your vehicle look like new without breaking the bank.

Did you know the same stuff that keeps your smile bright can help your headlights stay bright, too? If you notice yellowing and wear on your headlights, use toothpaste to polish it away. Make sure you’re using real paste, not gel, and that your paste has some grit. Polish the toothpaste into your headlights with a rag or old toothbrush, working the paste into the plastic. Then, simply wash the toothpaste away and voila, clearer headlights.

If you have kids or have to eat on the run, there’s a good chance your car’s carpet shows it. A simple bottle of hydrogen peroxide works wonders on everything from ketchup to coffee. Simply pour the peroxide on your carpet and work it into the stain with a rag, blotting as you go. Older, or tougher stains may need a few applications.

Some of the most frustrating places to clean are those tiny nooks and crannies in your air vents and cup holders. Grab your vacuum and an extra foam brush from your last painting project. Use the foam brush to wipe up dust and debris and the vacuum to lift it away. (A regular paint brush works too.)

Finally, spring means one thing around here: Rain. And, when your windshield gets covered with dried raindrops, driving can become hazardous. Grab that can of WD-40 off the shelf. Give your windshield a quick wipe down with a dry rag to remove debris and then spray liberally with WD-40. Polish the spray into your glass and not only will it remove the water spotting, it can help prevent it in the future, and make your wipers slide more freely on the glass.

After a long winter, we hope these tips help you with spring cleaning your car. As always, if you need repair, or if you have questions about your car, contact us today to make sure you’re ready for the summer.

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