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April 01, 2018 @ 12:00am

Beware of Cheap Tire RepairOn the internet and in the Yellow Pages, offers for cheap tires and cheap tire repair are everywhere these days, with companies battling it out to see who can claim to be the cheapest and fastest. But what you might not know is that those “cheap and fast” offers can lead to serious issues for you and your car. Here’s a few ways those “cheap and fast” offers can lead to big trouble down the road.

More goes into properly mounting a tire than you might think; there are many small steps that go together to give you a smooth, reliable ride. It’s these smaller steps that are often ignored by the “cheap and fast” places.

Here’s an example: When a reputable tire shop mounts a new tire, they’re careful to clean the hub and install grease where the wheel mates to the vehicle. Why is this important? Not only does it help prevent corrosion, it also prevents dissimilar metals—when a hub is steel and a rim is aluminum, for instance—from corroding together, locking them up and preventing you from taking the wheel off your car. Those little steps, the cleaning and installation of grease, take time, and that’s time those “cheap and fast” shops don’t have.

Another shortcut “cheap and fast” places take is to not clean corrosion and dirt from the wheel where it mates with the tire; they sometimes don’t even use a bead of sealant to prevent future corrosion. What does that mean for your car? We have a number of customers every year who come in for flat repairs of “new” tires installed by the discount shops. Due to improper seals and leaks, the “new” tire went flat soon after installation. Again, the time it takes to clean and install a bead of sealant is time those shops don’t take and that can mean a flat, and tire damage, for you.

You might not know it, but when you have a new tire installed, the whole works needs to be rebalanced. That means removing the small weights used in the process of balancing your tires, and cleaning the corrosion or extra adhesive used to hold the weights on. You’ll notice a pattern here: Those “cheap and fast” shops often don’t take the time to clean the corrosion and adhesive off your tire, leading to weights that don’t stick or fit right. For your car, that means a tire that is not balanced and can cause excessive wear and vibration.

All this is to say that “cheap and fast” tire service comes with some hidden costs. We offer competitive rates for products and installation, and we always take the extra time to ensure your new tires are installed carefully and safely. It may take a few minutes longer, but good service and proper installation will get you more value out of your tires.

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