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January 25, 2012 @ 12:00am

With the New Year here that can only mean one thing... it is resolution time. Some of you may make resolutions to loose weight or try to be a little more organized. However, here are some car resolutions that you should make to help your car keep running in the best condition.

1. Schedule at least two checkups with your mechanic here at Bunge’s to make sure that your car is running in the best possible condition. With these easy check ups you can ensure your car is running in the best condition, and you may spot problems ahead of time. You should have your car checked out as often as you have your teeth cleaned, so about every six months.

2. Make sure that all of you fluids filled and changed regularly. Many fluids may not require much attention like brakes, clutch, and coolant but they are very important to ensure the best performance of your vehicle and is very easy to do, and can save you money down the line. Your car can get thirsty too, so make sure you don’t let it get dehydrated.

3. If you have a problem with your car make sure you get it checked out right away. Don’t wait for the problem to become a nuisance and you could really cause some major damage. So don’t put that sticky note to block the check engine light and stop acting like it i

December 16, 2011 @ 12:00am

Wintertime means SNOW and wet conditions. Tire check time! What are the top three signs of tire wear you should know about before the snow really flies?

1. Lack of wet traction

We have all had the experience of being stopped at a stop sign on a rainy, wet day. And as you hit the gas pedal your tires start to spin so you can’t get any traction. That can mean two things: You are trying to beat the person next to you off the line, or your tires have very little tread left.

The grooves in tires decrease with normal tread wear. The purpose of the grooves is to help water on the road escape from the tread. As the tread wears, the water can’t escape and hydroplaning starts to occur. If you have had this experience recently it is time to think about new tires.

2. The steering wheel shakes

As you accelerate does your steering wheel sometimes feel shaky? Do you have the feeling that your tires are square instead of round when you drive? Do your tires look under inflated?

This can be caused from the tread of the tire not being balanced out. This is sometimes from minor separation from the tire from the rim and bands inside the tire. It may feel like your tires are simply out of balance. The separation of the tire from the rim is non-repairable and usually that indicates that tire(s) will need to be replaced. 

3. Thumping and humming 

We have all walked in a store parking lot and heard the sound of s

November 08, 2011 @ 12:00am

Winter Car care and winter driving


With Halloween going by, Thanksgiving coming up, and Holiday music starting to be played that can only mean one thing: winter is coming. Along with winter the snow that can cause driving hazards is coming soon too. Here are some tips to make sure that you have your car in the optimal driving condition for the upcoming winter.

Have adequate snow traction; a tire requires at least 5/32-inch deep tread. Here at Bunge’s we can help you with all your tire needs and make sure that you have the best tires for winter driving and a simple tire rotation can help you a lot more than you think. Make sure your brakes are operating properly, and your antilock brake system is functioning correctly. Finally if the road looks slick, it probably is caused by black ice and use extra caution when driving


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October 18, 2011 @ 12:00am

The month of October seems to be flying by; it’s hard to believe that Halloween is almost here. If you find yourself driving on the night of October 31st be sure to use extra caution with the trick-or-treaters on the streets and around neighborhoods. If your little trick-or-treater is out, make sure that they are wearing bright colors that can easily be seen by drivers with reflective tape or glow sticks. Also remember that certain neighborhoods have different days for trick-or-treating and use extra caution.




Also with the temperatures starting to drop make sure to have a car scraper available for that early morning frost.

September 14, 2011 @ 12:00am

Unfortunately yes….that time is really here.  The leaves are going to start changing, you’ll start dragging out your sweaters and boots, pools will close and Jack Frost will meet you at your front window. 

What you also have to start preparing yourself for is the driving hazards that can creep up on you before the first snowfall even hits the ground.

In order to prepare yourself for the hazards that come with autumn, The Car Care Council urges drivers to be ready by having their vehicles’ tires, brakes and wipers checked before hitting the road.

Before you get on the road you should be aware of the dangers of puddles and standing water to your tire traction and brakes, but what most do not realize are the potential dangers that arise due to foliage and wet leaves on the roadways.  A single layer of wet leaves on the road is hard to see but the dangers can me imminent.  Especially in heavy traffic areas leaves can cause: difficulty stopping, fish-tailing and acceleration problems.  Stopping and accelerating are even worse on uphill and downhill areas such as entrance ramps.

Dry leaves create room for problems as well by hiding pot holes, curb and street markings or even a fire hazard if they connect with a hot muffler or tail-pipe.

To help yourself counteract the potential road hazards, we encourage you to stop into Bunge's Tire & Auto to make sure that your car’s handling and trac