Bunge's Tire & Auto Elgin, IL


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Bunge's Yesterday

History of Excellence


Herman Bunge founded Bunge's Tire located at 280 South Grove Ave. where the river boat is today. Initially he only sold and installed US Royal tires (now Uniroyal). Eventually the business grew to include the sale of kitchen appliances and gradually added on services like oil changes and wheel alignments.

In the late 1920s Bunges expanded to full auto and light truck mechanical repairs. Bunge's was also a part of Dino Sinclair service station where they sold gasoline.


1960 to 1990

Bunge's Tire and Auto is purchased by Boncosky Oil (now Petroliance). The introduction of Goodyear and expansion of services makes Bunge's Tire a full- service automotive and tire center facility in the 1970s. They sold anything from lawnmower tires to real farm tires, using three service trucks to service area farmers and comercial accounts. Bunge's main location was on Grove Avenue  but they saw new shops open in Elgin (on the west side of Larkin Avenue), Bartlett,  Belvedere and West Dundee on Rt 31. Management sold the commercial part of the business in 1988.  In 1989 leadership changed and with it  some of the less profitable shops closed. In 1990, Boncosky sold Bunge's to their Service Manager, Rich Cook, and Tire Manager, Doug Lee.


Bunge's Tire moved to 150 Tyler Creek Plaza on N. McLean Blvd. because the City of Elgin put an eminent domain on the property, which forced them to leave so the river boat could move in.

Part of Bunge's history includes delivering tires to Santa's Village, 100 tires at a time for their go karts. Bunge's also delivered wholesale tires to BK Equipment, and the City of Elgin.